'Great Place Names' Tea Towel

Our 'Great Place Names' tea towel celebrates the wonderful, humorous and quirky place names of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. From villages to towns, hills, dales, hamlets and areas of great cities, featured places include Bishop's Itchington, Little Sodbury, Old Sodbury, Mudford Sock, Great Snoring and Little Snoring. This tea towel features over 900 place names all geographically mapped to represent their location on the map of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

'Stitch Studies' Featured in Warp & Weft

Selected pieces from the 'Stitch Studies' series have been featured in Dr. Jessica Hemmings' book entitled 'Warp & Weft: Woven Textiles in Fashion, Art and Interiors'.

Seascape Glow-in-the-Dark Lampshade

Seascape is an exciting and unique glow-in-the-dark lampshade. The printed image on the lampshade depicts an underwater view of the sea with blue lines showing the different depths of the water and sea creatures who live there. The sea creatures are printed in special blue phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) ink which charges up when the light is on. When the bulb is switched off the shapes of the sea creatures glow up in bright blue, emitting a soft glow for up to one hour and creating a stunning night-light for a bedroom.

An educational, novel and fun product for boys and girls, young and old!


TRIP Exhibition

Lauren exhibited new work in TRIP: Textiles Research in Process, a
exhibition by Loughborough University School of the Arts Textiles Research Group.

                                                                            Lauren Moriarty: Stitch Studies series

Lauren showed new pieces from her Stitch Studies series, an exploration into textile structures, examining woven structures, lace and open weave constructions, threads and embroidered surfaces. The collection forms a study of fabric structures, referencing hand making and mechanised techniques. Each piece is made from a series of layers which are individually designed using CAD. Lauren then uses a plotter and laser cutter to intricately cut her digital designs before hand finishing the pieces.


NEW Cross Stitches Sticker Packs

Floral Marquetry by Lauren Moriarty